Indiana Firearms Law Reference Manual

If you have questions about the legal carry and use of firearms, the best and cheapest way to find the answers is Indiana Firearms Law Reference Manual 3rd Edition.

Written by Indianapolis attorney Brian Ciyou, the hefty 380-page book covers virtually ever topic related to the legal possession, carry and usage of firearms, especially handguns. Written with a tremendous attention to detail and only the occasional passage of legalese, it is very readable by gun owners while still serving as a tremendous reference resource for trainers and lawyers.

The book covers local, state, and federal laws, rules and regulations and legal issues related to firearms in Indiana and even includes an appendix that details local ordinances from communities around the state. Though the entire book is valuable, Chapter 21- Deadly Force- and Chapter 22- Civil Liability- should be considered mandatory reading for anyone contemplating carrying a firearm for personal defense.

There is even in-depth material that covers the shipping and transportation of firearms that would be valuable not only to handgun owners, but hunters traveling out of state.

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The Indiana Firearms Law Reference Manual is $26.95 plus 7% sales tax and $3.95 shipping & handling. It can be purchased through , at the Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show in Indianapolis or through