Monday Mornings No Problem for Brad Stout

Statistics say 73 percent of working adults are not happy with their occupations. Then there are people out there who truly love their jobs and passionate about their professions. Being happy at work rarely comes from one single factor.

When it comes time to “punch-the-clock” no one enjoys it more than Kokomo’s Brad Stout. For those with interests in fishing, it is one some only dream of. He is employed by Sport Dimensions, a national marketing group for Shell Oil which includes Quaker State and Pennzoil Marine.

In the beginning his career was centered on NASCAR and Indy car racing. Then in 2014 a colleague asked for his help in starting a marketing program centered on national bass fishing tournaments. He began traveling to the FLW Bass Tournament series where he represents his company and the primarily marine related products they market.

“I have always loved fishing and this job takes me to some of the most beautiful places in the country,” said Stout. “Plus my wife LouAnn gets to travel with me so it’s a double bonus.”

When attending national tournaments Stout does much more than represent the lubrication companies. His travels usually involve a week or more at each location. “Prior to each event I help set up live remotes with various radio stations and organize informational seminars and presentations with some of the pros,” he explained. “We also have large customers through Shell Oil who get the opportunity to fish with some of our pros and I will help with the logistics.”

With a span of several weeks between tournaments Stout enjoys an added benefit. “There are times when the tournament is over that we may decide to stay after for several days to enjoy some crappie or bluegill fishing,” he added with a smile.

During the warm weather fishing season, which usually runs from January to September, Stout drives around the country in his fishing themed vinyl wrapped truck. Then when the season comes to a close his work continues. “During what we call the back-end of the season I help with other special and VIP events,” he added. Some of these may include promotional programs as well as fishing and hunting trips to locations throughout the United States.

Through his job Stout has rubbed elbows and become friends with people like Jimmy Houston, Hank Parker, Matt Aray and Scott Canterbury. “Another great asset about my job is the people,” he explained. “Everyone associated with the great sport of fishing are such great individuals and a joy to be around.”

Houston, a nationally recognized professional angler and TV host is closely associated with the company Stout works for. “He has a sprawling ranch which he likes to share with others by hosting hunting and fishing trips for some of our VIPs and other customers,” said Stout. “I will go to help with the set-up and organization.”

Stout also explained throughout the season companies such as Auto Zone and O’Reilly’s will have contests where winners get the opportunity to attend one of these special events. “I help coordinate timing, travel and some of the photo sessions,” said Stout. “I will even help with the cooking,” he added with a laugh.

At home, Stout stays actively involved with youth fishing in the Howard County area. “I think it’s great that we have our unique Kids Fishing Clinic,” he mentioned. “I also love seeing high schools developing fishing clubs and like to do what I can to help these groups grow.”

So for Stout, as far as Monday mornings are concerned. “Bring them on!” he says.