Three questions with Rupert from "Survivor"

While taking in Timber Tina’s Timberjill Show at the Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show, we had the pleasure of running in to Indiana resident and Survivor star Rupert Boneham.

During the same time, the editorial staff of WildIndiana had discussed the idea of asking ‘3 Questions With’ noteworthy Hoosiers. The chance meeting with Bonham provided the perfect opportunity and we hope you enjoy Rupert’s take on what life in the Hoosier outdoors means to him:

[mks_dropcap style="square" size="50" bg_color="#f7051d" txt_color="#ffffff"]1.[/mks_dropcap]WI: What is your favorite activity in the Indiana outdoors? Rupert: My favorite thing to do in Indiana, you know, going to the Hoosier National Forest! My dad was a geologist out at IU Kokomo for thirty years. So there is so many great rock collecting spots! You can collect the crinoid stems, or the geodes, or the fossil ferns, or brachiopods, and the horn coral. I love rock hunting and playing around and camping in Indiana!

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WI: We just met at the Boat, Sport & Travel show. What does it mean to you and how long have you been coming out to the event? Rupert: I have been to more than I can count. I have been coming here for MANY years – WAY before I was any kind of celebrity. I’ve been coming here with my buddies, looking at boats, and campers, dreaming about all those high end camping accessories for YEARS. But I still like the primitive camping! That’s what I enjoy.

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WI: What would be your dream vacation in the outdoors? Rupert: You know, I finally got my wife to go out to Vancouver, British Columbia. It is one of the coolest little places out there! You can go scuba diving in the morning, rock climbing in the afternoon. There’s great places to camp out- it’s wonderful! Now I love camping in the Hoosier National Forest, but it’s hard to go mountain climbing, skiing, and swimming, all in the same place and same day in Indiana.

[mks_dropcap style="square" size="50" bg_color="#f7c24e" txt_color="#ffffff"]And Finally....[/mks_dropcap]

WI: Anything else you’d care to add? Rupert: “Check out We’ve been 25 years here in central Indiana teaching young men and young women how to be self-sufficient, self-reliant, taking them from a point where they’re holding that hand out, to where they’re pulling that hand back in, showing others how you take care of yourself; teaching those good Hoosier values that we’re all trying to bring back.”

"Survivor rupert Photo" Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons