Amid the crazed climate of social media, the internet’s most camouflaged conservationist talks declining birds, hunting culture, and why he’s using…
Fighting the current and inexperience, the author takes on the spring run with a little help from his friends. Here's how to do it right.

April 2022

A decades-old conflict between competitive anglers and recreational fisherman could soon be made obsolete by an app.

March 2022

But keep your guns in the safe, spring is for shed hunting. As many hunters, and non-hunters alike know, finding dropped antlers is addicting and…

January 2022

Fishing Editor Dean Shadley encounters unsportsmanlike conduct and is less than thrilled.
Our Fishing Editor explains why tying flies can improve your fishing. Here’s how to get started.
Empty rivers and freezing temps make for adventure, but take these precautions (plus a note for IN readers)
Hardwater angling is a truly unique experience, but drowning will ruin your trip.

September 2021

Editor Ben Shadley on the basics of dove hunting, including a few observations from years in the field.

August 2021

This is going to be a bits and pieces column. A lot has happened in the last two weeks involving visits, fishing, memories and an emergency. Hopefully…

July 2021

Montie Halteman made history with an interesting Pennsylvania turkey. After chasing this bird for three seasons, he finally put a plan together that led…
If you would try to predict when the best bass fishing of your life might occur, Central Florida around the fourth of July would not be on the calendar…