From Stone Age to steel: Halfbreed Knives

Ask any knowledgeable outdoor sports minded person what the most essential tool is for any adventure. Without a doubt it will be a sturdy knife, and for good reason. From the earliest times to today’s modern methods of manufacturing, knives are the most important tool ever conceived. They come in many shapes and sizes and are used in thousands of applications, from surgeries to slicing bread and everything in between. Mankind would probably not exist without some form of cutlery. We take them for granted but life would not be the same without them. Nate Hardin, owner of Halfbreed Knives, has taken cutlery to a whole new perspective. He has slowly carved a niche for himself as one of our area’s top knife makers. The eccentric craftsman is taking a stand against mass produced cutlery. Nate Hardin, owner of Halfbreed Knives, begins shaping of a piece of steel.

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