Small Water Angler- If It's April, It Must Be…

Ok, this is the April/May issue and I told WildIndiana Publisher Brent Wheat that I would do the trout installment of Small Water Angler. I mean, it’s April, right? You have to cover trout fishing. This is Small Water Angler, I have to do a trout installment. Only problem is, its 65 degrees today for the first time since November. Six inches of late season snow just melted off the yard. I just finished writing the Morel Festival article…and I only have two things on my mind; bluegill and morels. I guess that’s only one thing, actually, as bluegill & morels are my all-time favorite fresh-from-the-field meal! I can’t fathom one without the other in the springtime. And cabin fever has me craving early season outdoor activities. Oh yeah, trout.

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